The Foundation Exists to Elevate

We meet unique challenges, delivering leverage for organizations to rise above

The Foundation provides grants to organizations serving vulnerable children and families, refugees and immigrants, and persons impacted by abuse, mental illness and addiction. We support nonprofits focused on comprehensive neighborhood solutions in blighted and underserved urban areas, and centers focused on educational, recreational, and community engagement in rural areas.  We invest in strengthening the capacity of arts and cultural organizations offering inclusive programming for diverse audiences with emphasis on promoting diversity in artistic representation and leadership.

We build core strengths to support those who build programs

The Western New York Foundation makes investments that improve nonprofit efficiencies and effectiveness. We support grants that allow nonprofits to adapt their organization and behaviors toward greater impact.

Capacity building is developing and refining skills, strategies, organizational systems and structures with the intent to build capable leaders, sound management and strong governance. It involves identifying challenges and defining new strategies and structures to address them, as well as identifying opportunities and defining new strategies and plans to realize them.