Our focus on fostering healthy organizational growth and cultivating nonprofit adaptability and resiliency will permit nonprofits to thrive in an environment of constant change and challenge. Intentional, strong and responsive agencies will provide improved programming that is more impactful and relevant, ultimately impacting the lives of more people in Western New York positively. The Foundation provides grants to:

  1. Support Strategic Leadership- to develop strong board and staff leadership and assist our grantees in implementing strategic priorities during critical periods of growth and revitalization.

  2. Foster Collaboration-to strengthen community engagement and support collaborative and strategic relationship efforts that will result in stronger and expanded services.

  3. Conduct Organizational Assessments- to provide contracted expertise to assess nonprofit needs and design a plan to increase organizational effectiveness that will help meet current challenges and result in intentional and productive growth.

  4. Strengthen Communications- to support communications efforts that raise awareness about an organization’s mission and attract attention and resources to the organization.

  5. Expand Resources and Stabilize Financials- to develop financial stability by increasing the ability of the nonprofit to develop necessary resources and plan for longer-term sustainability.

  6. Promote Programming Excellence- to enhance the provision of care or services by strengthening the nonprofit’s ability to program and evaluate its work.

  7. Enhance Operational Effectiveness- to improve day-to-day operational productivity and enhance nonprofit functioning in areas such as administration, finance, human resources, technology and facility management.